• The "Alice in Wonderland Room" Project

    "The Alice Room" is artwork consisting of a room and its seventeen painted wall panels executed in 1932 by Alfred T. Merian. The art depicts scenes from the iconic children’s book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," published by Lewis Carroll in 1865.


    This timeless book has remained a children’s favorite for more than 150 years, has never been out of print, and has been translated into over 230 languages. Merian painted the art in the style of the book's original illustrator, Sir John Tenniel.


    The entirety of the art is being moved from its original home in a private Wayne residence owned by centenarian Grace Burleigh to a newly constructed replica room inside the historic carriage barn at the Williams House located on the Cary Memorial Library campus in Wayne, Maine.

  • The Process



    The art conservators remove the painted wall panels and accouterments in Grace Burleigh's home



    The art is being restored and preserved



    The art panels will be re-installed in a replica room built at the Williams House

  • Project Updates

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    The Mad Hatters Committee Takes On Saving "The Alice Room"

    "The Mad Hatters Committee" formed in late 2018 to save this remarkable art treasure. It all began when Wayne, Maine home-owner and centenarian Grace Burleigh and her family generously donated "The Alice Room" to the wider community.


    The Mad Hatters group has raised over $80,000 toward the project budget of $99,000.

    Featured in photo: Grace Burleigh, donor and Ron Harvey, conservator.

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    Removal & Restoration of the Art

    The painted wall panels inside The Alice Room were dismantled in the winter of 2019. Currently, the tempera-painted images on gypsum board have begun to be repaired and restored by two of Maine’s top art conservators.

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    Renovation of The Williams House Barn



    August 2019 progress includes ordering the heat pump, completion of electrical upgrades and service needs, and most excitingly the framing of the walls for The Alice Room construction!


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    Community Education & Outreach

    A public colloquium titled "Conversations with Alice" was held at the Cary Memorial Library Williams House on Sunday, September 22, 2019 in Wayne Maine.


    You can watch the presentations on the links below.


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    Art is Re-Installed at the Cary Memorial Library Williams House


    August 2020: Restoration of the art is complete and the panels are being re-installed in the specially build room at the Williams House (Cary Memorial Library Building.)

  • Video Presentations

    Videos from the public colloquium titled "Conversations with Alice" held at the

    Wayne Cary Memorial Library's Williams House on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

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    The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland in Wayne, Maine Book

    Author Dr. Jann Haynes Gilmore

    In this presentation Dr. Gilmore discusses how she discovered the depth of scholarship and the interdisciplinary nature of Lewis Carroll's iconic 1865 book and the interest it has spawned over more than 150 years. The uniqueness of this historical and cultural resource is unparalleled for a small Maine town.

    Watch Dr. Gilmore's Presentation Video Here

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    Conserving & Restoring the Wall Paintings from "The Alice Room" in Wayne Maine

    Conservators, Nina Roth-Wells and Ronald Harvey

    Conservators, Nina Roth-Wells and Ronald Harvey of Tuckerbrook Conservation, LLC, recognized the uniqueness of the project and spoke about their art conservation and restoration work.

    Watch Nina & Ron's Presentations Video Here


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    The Mathematics of Alice

    Presentation by Bob Bandy

    This eloquent presentation covered a little known history of the author Lewis Carroll, AKA Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, that he was also a scholar and mathematician. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass contain many references to mathematical problem solving.

    Watch Bob's presentation video here

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    The Alice Room Wayne Maine Project Discussion

    Presentation by Doug Stevenson

    Doug Stevenson recaps the background and progress to date in Alice's journey from a private residence to the Library campus.


    Conserving, restoring and installing the Alice Room to a new location in the Cary Memorial Library's historic Williams House Carriage Barn is on target to reach its fundraising goal of $99,000.

    Watch Doug's discussion video here

  • The Book: The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland in Wayne, Maine

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    Three ways you can buy this delightful book!


    1. Visiting the Cary Memorial Library in Wayne, Maine.

    2. Stop by Splendiferous Sweet Shoppe in Searsport, Maine. (coming soon)

    3. Order by mail: email our team


    Books cost $20 plus shipping.

    All proceeds from books sales benefit The Alice Room project.

  • Make a Donation

    The Mad Hatters group has raised over $80,000 toward the project goal of $99,000.

    We welcome you to join our efforts to raise the final dollars for the completion of The Alice Room.


    Donations by check may be made to:

    " The Wayne Library Association", memo: The Alice Project

    and sent to Cary Memorial Library, P O Box 127, Wayne, Maine 04284

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